Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blue and Yellow - Exhibition

A new Installment by calyx art will be exhibited this coming month of September at Royale Eatery in Long street,"if you are not yet acquainted" with the lip smacking goodness,make sure to drop in and feast your eyes and belly on the delicious artwork. Yes food is art too. enjoy.

Recent Publications

So things have been quiet on the blog lately,which means we have been extremely busy and have alot of new work to show you in the future, for now ,we thought we would share a post of some recent work,and bring you slightly up to date,there will be more to follow,will keep u posted.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Live Painting - Assembly / be.collective

This past Friday was the be.collective / "dont party" gig at Assembly.
This is Simon Berndt in action.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Boombox Project - Lyle Owerko

A few months ago Lyle was down in Cape Town,we got together and he decided to get us on board the "boombox project",where we would do a bunch of illustrations for the book, "the boombox project" is simialr to that of graffiti world published by thames & hudson, it delves into the rise of the boombox , the hip hop culture and the early punk uprising with the likes of Joe Strummer of The Clash,aswell as hiphop legends such as Run Dmc , Krs 1,Grandmaster Flash,Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys, to name but a few,with a foreward by Spike Lee.

The Boombox Project will be launching in New York in October 2010,we are also keen to have a launch here, so stick to the blog and you should be kindly informed of such happenings.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These another "Be.collective" party coming up and we, amongst other designers/ illustrators,we asked to do something for their new flyers.. which are infact balloons.follow them on facebook,and take a look at their site. www.becollective.co.za


We had the pleasure of being part of the "wozela" project where after the world cup rage, creative agency left field had the bright idea of what uses the "vuvuzela" could have when recycled.. what handy objects could they be transformed into? So we were asked to illustrate just a few of these ideas, follow the link to see more.


Serenade your walls Pt 2- Poster Exhibition

So we attended the opening at "the garage"needlessto say it was great! some rad work,really impressive,and the exhibition space..what a awesome use of undesired space, it was also great to see some people we havent seen in a long time,catch up, free beer and wine was the order of the day,many thanks to 10 and 5 ,christo , ruan and everyone at "am i collective" for making the day such a success.