Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Boombox Project - Lyle Owerko

A few months ago Lyle was down in Cape Town,we got together and he decided to get us on board the "boombox project",where we would do a bunch of illustrations for the book, "the boombox project" is simialr to that of graffiti world published by thames & hudson, it delves into the rise of the boombox , the hip hop culture and the early punk uprising with the likes of Joe Strummer of The Clash,aswell as hiphop legends such as Run Dmc , Krs 1,Grandmaster Flash,Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys, to name but a few,with a foreward by Spike Lee.

The Boombox Project will be launching in New York in October 2010,we are also keen to have a launch here, so stick to the blog and you should be kindly informed of such happenings.

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