Friday, November 5, 2010

Arcade - The Final Show

If you have frequented our blog,website or anything for that matter ,you would know that we have been designing / illustrating posters every month for Arcade for the past three years , but alas! sadly Arcade is about to take it's last breath of air, although it a abnormally large one they are going out with a bang and bringing you the biggest Arcade yet! Including a bunch of circus freaks to make you question reality at 3 in the morning wondering where the hell you are and why there is a grandmother standing in the corner of the annex in a leopard skin leotard holding knives between her teeth blind folded whilst tossing knives at a circulating bulls eye with a sheep tied to it! Well goodluck folks! Arcade presents the final installment entitled Mr Majestic Cirque De Fantastic!

Oh yes.. this is the poster.

Sailors Grave

As you all know, (i am assuming you are a avid wildfire customer)
It is nearing the end of the year, which means the Cape Town Tattoo Convention has yet again come back with a bang ,we have been handling alot of work for the upcoming event and this is the poster / flyer for the pre - party being held at 121, hope to see you all there!

Design Indaba - Emerging Creatives

About a month or so ago we were contacted and asked to do the Design Indaba - Emerging Creatives poster, we jumped at the opportunity! and here it is.

Engen Boardgame

Finally. For the last little while ( lets call it that) we have been working on a boardgame for engen
(saatchi & saatchi) the target market being that of the informal sector, aimed at children who need to learn the necessary rules of the road.Well you wont be able to see it so great on here but these have been printed out a metre squared!