Friday, November 5, 2010

Arcade - The Final Show

If you have frequented our blog,website or anything for that matter ,you would know that we have been designing / illustrating posters every month for Arcade for the past three years , but alas! sadly Arcade is about to take it's last breath of air, although it a abnormally large one they are going out with a bang and bringing you the biggest Arcade yet! Including a bunch of circus freaks to make you question reality at 3 in the morning wondering where the hell you are and why there is a grandmother standing in the corner of the annex in a leopard skin leotard holding knives between her teeth blind folded whilst tossing knives at a circulating bulls eye with a sheep tied to it! Well goodluck folks! Arcade presents the final installment entitled Mr Majestic Cirque De Fantastic!

Oh yes.. this is the poster.

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